Very impressive Michael. I know loads of people who have that characteristic. The problem is the lies become their own truths. Love the profile view of your extremely, effective portrait Michael.

Love the quote and another brilliant portrait Michael

Thanks Carole and Heather. Yes Carole, I know quite a few too.

A strong character portrait, unlike politicians who seem to fit your quote Michael!

Thanks Carole. Don’t they make you sick? Oh, and him across the Atlantic - unhinged view of the truth.

You painted his profile at side glance, and maybe he is avoiding to face the truth! He reminds me of a Social worker, similar blunt side-view with pony tail too, pretending the World is his Oyster, yet deluded by his own point of view, as realistically one needs to be brave to dive deep to find an oyster shell and all that glitters is not gold too! These half truths are sometimes just the ego speaking, yet are convincing to some!

He looks interesting without opening his mouth Michael.

Thanks Angela and John. Yes, uncertainty rules and people are especially searching for certainty at the moment Angela. It’s not uncertainty that concerns me as much as certainty. It’s those who take an inflexible position on their ideology, politics and religion and fail to listen to others’ positions.

Your comment has impact Thalia.

He looks like a Celt to me Mick....and we know that Celts only tell the truth of it....can’t help it. But seriously, the worlds history in parts, is based on fabrication...whether that be political, religious or just plain arrogance. Excellent profile portrait.

Hang on Studio Wall

Portrait of a man who told me, ‘Try not to be boring. When you say something say something interesting, something that has ‘impact’, even if it’s a lie’. Watercolour.

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