Portrait of a man who wasn’t allowed to pass wind in his own house.


In his own house? Now that's a denial of the first amendment...in his own house?( walks off, shaking head, muttering " basic human rights")

Just spent 10 mins having a great laugh looking through your titles Michael🤣

I have to give 48 hours written notice. Love the portrait, he looks suitably outraged.

Oh Michael, what a joy ... and such a great painting.

Thanks folks. Precisely Marjorie. That must be quite uncomfortable for you Lewis.

Love the way the chap’s head is about to blow off Michael. Outrageous demands.

No wonder he looks a little hot around the collar Mick! There’s an old saying that could be quite apt for his situation .... “You can’t hold what isn’t in your hand”. A terrific characterful portraits.

Oh so funny!!😍

There is always the back yard !! and to heck with the flowers !

Thanks Fiona, Shirley and Mike. Would you go outside on a cold north east Winter night Mike?

Fantastic Michael, gave me a good laugh!

How unfartunate!

Looking at the portrait I get the feeling he has and fears he will be found out. Nice one Michael.

Thanks Barry, I think you’re right.

Another old saying... where ere you be let your wind go free for it is the wind that did kill me! Church or Chapel let it rattle! Love his expression Michael, still giggling 😂

Thanks Carole. Nurses should know.

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