She's wasn't pleased then? I expect you went off with that attractive radiotherapist :) Seriously though, this is a strong image of a woman in pain. Super watercolour Michael.

Thanks Louise. Life's full of pain so why not seek out pleasure to combat it?

Oh dear! Expressive though

I feel her pain.

I know what it feels like too Andre.

I hope you didn't stand in front of her painting her anguish Mick. Poor woman!!!

I don't think she will ever get over it Michael! and I wouldn't trust that radiotherapist either!! Expressive!

Art is important Adele and moments like this have to be exploited.

Thanks Jennifer. Yes, the radiologist was a bit of a poser too.

A bit crooked though Kirstie.

Oh no some got there before me. I love her blue rinse.

Oh dear, she wasn't really chuffed about that Michael. A brilliant composition!

Good riddance I’d say’re too young to be committing. And yet again you capture the misery.


Thank you Michael! I would say it was a lovely surprise but it was quite a shock! I’m not the kind of person that wins anything, the last time a won something I was 13, it was a cookery book, for being the best pupil of the year of the whole form!

So it was time again Fiona.

Poor girl! Excellent drawing!

Hang on Studio Wall

'I don't love you any more', I told my girlfriend. Watercolour.

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