'My little red book', says the Chancellor in waiting.

'My little red book', says the Chancellor in waiting.

If only there were a heaven Michael.

Good portrait, Michael.

A good portrait Michael. Very well painted.

Very well interpreted Michael, good work!

Looks like a face of uncertainty Michael. Nice one.

Great likeness Michael, hope my name isn’t in his little red book!

Thanks John and Fiona. Come the revolution Fiona we're all going to have to forfeit our cars and houses to pay for the revolution and for a cup of tea for the poor Geordie socialists in Gateshead, Sunderland and the rest of the north east of England. They can have my Mercedes.

A great painting Michael

I’m not giving up my tractor Mick, not for anyone! Lol

Tractors will be exempt Fiona because they part of the means of production so you don't have to worry. If you have any luxury watches and jewellery that's a different matter though comrade.

Pawned all my jewels to get my tractor Mick.

Thanks Gudrun. Tractors are a girls best friend Fiona.

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