Sooner rather than later

Sooner rather than later

Of course it was the lottery he meant Michael! Creepy bloke though......

He didn't have a scythe in his hand by any chance. This picture is scary, goodness knows if I seen him sitting on a graveyard wall !!

Thanks Margaret, Gudrun and Andre. It does get a bit scary up here in the north east of England Andre. Don't put yourself in fear by coming up here, stay down there in heavenly Wales. Perhaps we should have stayed there.

I thought it was a painting of 'Sawney Bean' at first Mick, I think it's the teeth. You're so good at these, brilliant.

Goodness Fiona, having just read about him I can see what you mean. Hadn't heard about him before. A latter day Hannibal Lecter. This fellow in Durham did look a bit cannibalistic. And here's me thinking he was foretelling my fortune. I was as safe as houses though. Nobody would want to eat me, these days.

I went to the dentist today and felt like he looks! Hope you win the Euro Millions!

Hope you get a better nights sleep tonigh Michael. Lol. Very discriptive images, do you do them while sleeping, wake up and find then scattered al over the place.

Thanks Linda and John. Hope so Linda. No, I base them on a facial expression art book. If I dreamed these I reckon I'd be in Broadmoor.

Looks like he lost his lottery ticket when he had the winning numbers Michael!

And you're never going to believe this Carole. A message on my 'phone this morning from the National Lottery that I have won and to check the site for more information. For a short moment I thought I may be a millionaire until I saw it was £25. Better than nowt as they say up here.

I love your stories Michael. This grim looker has made me laugh this morning..oh, and good luck!

Hang on Studio Wall

The face of a man who was sitting on the wall of our local graveyard as I walked past last night. He stared at me intensely and in a Geordie accent he said, 'Your turn soon bonnie lad'. I took this to mean I would win the Euro Millions Lottery this weekend. Goodness knows I spend enough money on it.

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