I agree with Gudrun, it's a very good profile portrait Mick, lovely clear washes.

Thanks Gudrun and Fiona.

Careful Michael - some of these creatures are fitter than others - and you're over 70! But I would have shared your pleasure... Incidentally, your thug looks very like an actor who used to play heavy parts in all sorts of programmes some years ago: I've forgotten his name, but apparently he was a lovely chap behind the shaved skull, broken nose, and underhung jaw...

A great portrait, Michael. Love the colours merging into one another.

Creatures is the right description Robert. I tried to fathom the actor you meant but nothing came. I think I adapted it from a plate in a drawing book.

Incidentally I’ve looked up Percy Kelly, Michael. He was quite an enigmatic character with regard to his paintings.

Yes. I just happened to see his work on the Look North news programme the other day and I was drawn to it. He never sold anything, just hid it away, during his lifetime, so wasn't known until after his death. I think there's an exhibition of his work going on now in the Lake District.

What a great painting and excellent story to go with it, great stuff Michael.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour. A man in the pub yesterday who was calling black people trash to his mates. I said that he was the only trash I could see and was a racist and that he should have the decency to respect Article 14 of The Human Rights Act, 1978 which provides protection from discrimination. He lunged at me so I gave him the old one two and he ended up with a cauliflower ear. Him and his mates retreated like rats up a drainpipe. I'd never felt so much pleasure for a long time. A rare day in paradise for me.

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