Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard

Really excellent work and even more impressive if it is your first watercolour for such a long time. You have caught Cliff's look (and slightly crepey neck!) wonderfully well.

Thank you Thea, it is my first watercolour and I found it very stressful and not relaxing at all, it was the speed I felt I had to work at, to keep the paint fluid.... Possibly I was being to fraut with it

great painting Keith

It's a very good watercolour - the fact that I am repelled somewhat by the subject matter isn't your fault!

Thank you for your comments, subject matter was not important if I had spoiled it I would not have been worried.. Can someone advise me on skin tone colours, I mixed Vermillion Red and Yellow Ochre to give me the flesh tones and added purple for shadows. Is there a correct combination to use I have not had much help from books..

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour size 12"x16" A3 This is my first watercolour after using pencil crayon for the last 18 months I wanted to try out another medium I have done some practicing which ended up in the bin, they dont get better by keeping them and went for this. I started with a subject everybody knows I am not sure if I have captured him he looks a little bemused, maybe he has every reason to be so.. To any watercolourists out ther I would appreciate a critique on my first work, I may want to stick to pencils....

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