Borth Railway Museum Poster

Borth Railway Museum Poster

Well done Keith - a great outcome for both you and the Museum! I'm not at all surprised they liked the painting.

Thanks Jane, I am not a commercial artist but I always feel proud when somebody wants to buy a painting from me...I will never be rich though, in fact through art I have probably been able to buy 5 meals....Thank god for pensions...

Congratulations! Good result and well painted they look very happy together:)

Like your adjective"chuffed " for a railway poster. A real memory stirrer. Congrats.

A very striking poster Keith very reminiscent of the rail poster art of the 1930's/50's which I love. Congratulations!

Hang on Studio Wall

Borth railway museum saw this and asked if I would supply them with a poster based on this picture. This was the result and I was very chuffed when they also ordered Borth post cards based on this as well.

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