Nothing wrong with the draughtsmanship - well I am not a figure painter but I just wonder if just a few darks on and immediately round the figure would bring the figure more to life and make it stand out. Other than this it is a really good study.

Should have added: the darks I suggest should be limited to the shaded areas - bottom of the calf and arm, under the feet, buttocks, arm pit, and breast and where the hair reaches the shoulder. Just my thoughts

I've never painted a figure but if I may agree with Michael that as the light source appears to be coming from above and slightly to the left, a little more shading behind the right heel and at the base of her back might help. well drawn though. Well done.

I think the figure is beautifully modeled. Any lighting problem is caused by the two windows behind the model and an unknown light source from behind the viewer. The composition would work if the left window was removed. Nice work though. Good luck.

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Pencil and crayon drawing size 18"x15" This was drawn as a commission from a friend of mine... The brief was as the picture depicted but I am not happy with it and dont feel I can submit it. This is where I need help, I am not sure why I am not happy with it but there is something about it which tells me its not good enough. I have looked at for so long and taken hours drawing it I can no longer see it. I would be grateful if somebody out there can tell me what I am not seeing !!

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