The Stag

The Stag

It is a beautiful drawing

Absolutely stunning Keith, I do admire your talent with pencils, I have tried them and failed miserably.

VERY good - it's not a copy, it's a serious study of Landseer's painting; brilliantly done - I thought it was a watercolour at first, because of the textures you've achieved, but you're clearly exceptionally skilled with the pencils and crayon.

Thank you Robert, Its not a copy it is my original and in manyways it is probably my best work todate, but that is only because I was doing it from a Landseer masterpiece. It took me about 50 hours and I photographed each day I worked on it. The best tool in my pencil box was my eraser and probably still is!!

Very beautifully drawn and coloured Keith. Great gallery.

Thank you for all your comments, Carole, my gallery may start to go downhill now as I have some older work to post. Nearly done. Fiona, you have to keep drawing, I will not be showing my failures they dont improve with time.

what a magnificant, majestic looking stag, he is looking very proud indeed :-)

Hang on Studio Wall

Pencil and Crayon drawing size 18" x 18" This was a drawing I have always wanted to do. I have long been an admirer of Sir Edwin Langseer who painted "The Monarch of the Glen" and felt I could takelessons from him by attempting to draw this in pencil and crayon. I am not in the habit of copying the classics but it did give me a better feel for the original painting

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