Spitfire and Hurricane

Spitfire and Hurricane

Great work, not boring, love the detail, have done a couple myself.

you should not listen to other people............if you wish to create something, create it :-) and stuff anyone else :-p this picture by the way, is a very good picture you have created :-) it is like looking at a photograph, very clean, crisp and interesting. my simple opinion is this..........Some people will like one painting, and other people will not, but it does not mean that your picture/painting is bad, if some people do not like it. I say keep creating what you want :-) i am quite sure people are sick to death of my sunset paintings i am creating at the moment, day after day for 3 days i paint sunsets :-p keep creating :-)

Thanks Rebecca thats me told in the nicest possible way. Peter I went on to your site but couldnt find any aircraft. Thanks for the comments

Wonderful detail Keith and NO, definitely NOT boring!

Hang on Studio Wall

Pencil and crayon drawing size A3. I have posted this once already but its disappeared off the site. This was the first plane picture I did and was very pleased with it. I would like to do more but Chris my biggest critic says they are boring so it puts me off. I suppose it is a bit weak.... Having said that this picture is hanging in the gallery of the National Memorial at Alrewas. I gave it to them as a gift, we now have a Boldy outside on the memorial wall and a Boldy inside on the gallery wall. Bless them

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