Rodin's The Kiss

The Kiss, orig

This is lovely Katarina - you have brought a lot of emotion in painting to such a classical statue.

Thank you so much, Heather! I do appreciate your kindness every single time. Indeed, I always challenge myself to paint something I haven't done before (be it a subject, surface or even a style), but truly belonging to the aquarelle medium. I'm glad you saw the emotion here!

Wow! No other words that I can add would do justice.

Humble thanks for your generous comments. I am grateful to be here and to share our respective creative journeys. Best wishes!

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Aquarelle study of the statue, pure joy to create. I realise that I say that for every one - the memories are coming back to me. At the moment I am working on aquarelle 8/10 collection, as my proper comeback to the fine art scene. Hearing your wonderful comments about my previous work, I am slightly nervous but very excited about the moment when I can not just tell you about the new work, but share it with you, too! Thank you for reading and enjoy this painting. With it, I am sending you the best inside me.

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I was born of 5th July 1971 in Belgrade where I have studied Law and Orthodox Theology at Belgrade University. Upon coming to England I have studied Interior Design with the Regent Academy of Fine Arts, and after that Professional Interior Design with the National Design Academy in Nottingham (it…

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