A Warm Glow of Winter

A Warm Glow of  Winter

I think this is my favourite. Just brilliant. The colours you have used are smashing. the sun going down beneath the trees, recession, just perfect. Jeannette

Joe, I use Watercolour and Acrylic. Acrylic always on canvas. I haven't tried Acrylic on watercolour paper. Did you use acrylic in a similar way to watercolour? What dimensions are your paintings?

Hello Jeannette I use Acrylic on watercolour paper and paint just as I would on canvas, the paint is as it comes out of the tube (not thinned) I use Bockingford 250lb. NOT finish, I like the texture. I prime the paper with Gesso. Three of the paintings were half a sheet 22"x 15", the canvas was 32"x 20". I have had a look at your work and like your flowers, your paintings in the garden are really very good. Regards Joe

Posted by Joe Hush on Tue 01 Jan 22:42:04

Hello Joe, Thank you for your tips. I use Bockingford 250lb NOT finish for my Watercolours. I like the texture too. I shall have a go with Acrylic on paper, now that my dog is allowing me more time! Thanks Jeannette

Hi Joe, All very fine work of yours. I do love a snowy scene though. Good skills mate.

Yes all very good skills

Joe, this is a great painting !

It is indeed beautiful.

The colouring and composition are fantastic well done.

This is so Superb, all your work is stunning, I have never tried acrylic much Joe,only ever done two paintings and especially not on watercolour paper, but you have inspired me to try this, I am more a watercolorist, but do paint in all mediums. -------------Have you a website Joe?

All your paintings are incredible. I too work in acrylic but I see now how far I have to go still! Fabulous atmosphere and technique in all these

This is a fantastic picture! Everything is spot on, from the snow detail on the branches, to the wonderfully foggy reflections in the water. Love the fade and cold glow of the distant horizon and sun. Excellent work - surprised the paint isn't thinned!

Hello Terence, Thank you very much for your kind comments, it is very much appreciated, looked for your own page but couln't find one to reply to. I always enjoy painting snow scenes, it can be used to create suggestive backgrounds. I don't thin the paint down but I do often brush the paint on thinly ! Regards, Joe

Posted by Joe Hush on Mon 11 Aug 09:15:49

This is lovely, Joe. Have you tried getting it published? Would make a great Christmas card as well as a painting.

Hello Joe, I've just looked through your work on here and i have to say that love every single one of them. they are stunning.

Always enjoy viewing your work. Another beautiful painting.

Posted by John Cox on Tue 07 Oct 21:16:34

Hello Joe, Thanks for your comment on my flower circle. Yes, I don't get around very much now, so use, as you say, touches of reality, memory and imagination. I have looked at most of your paintings, they are so sensitive, and beautifully done. Ye Gods, they really are gorgeous! I've just replaced an old and rather dried up set of acrylics for some Interactive ones, which I should be able to use on prepared watercolour paper, I think, but am wondering whether the paint will do any harm to my sable watercolour brushes. Previously with Cryla, I have used bristle, but it's a good while ago. I love the softness of the glow on this winter scene, not often seen with acrylic. All the best.....

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Woodlands always entice me.

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