The Crossing

The Crossing

I love your work; makes me feel I have so much to learn.

Star quality

Thank you Neil, we all have to keep striving.

Posted by Joe Hush on Mon 21 Jan 23:35:20

All excellent very nice work's

Hello Joe, Thank you for the comment on Bellagio. It is very much appreciated coming from such an excellent artist like yourself. This is a wonderful painting - I love the way you paint the trees and the colours you use. It is so very affective The large tree draws the eye in and then you want to explore. Excellent. Best Regards Jeannette PS I had sent you an email realised wrong address so re- sent.

Fantastic, very atmospheric...

Thanks for your comments on my painting 'by the river'. I appreciate your tip and will have that altered. Just wanted to ask if you are the same person who wrote the article in the LP magazine because the style and professionalism is the same. I have only taken up art these past two years and I have a lot to learn especially artists like you. Thanks for allowing us to learn from you.

Some really nice work here Joe, I like the nice relaxed, slow feel of summer I get from this one. Really nice,

Posted by John Cox on Fri 29 Aug 14:47:37

This really glows. Wonderful colour and light, and a great subject. Very very attractive.

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During an afternoon walk we met the cows heading for the milking shed

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