Lindas Poppies all pretty in pink.

Lindas Poppies all pretty in pink.

Oh Jen these are gorgeous! I like the format too, you should frame it! I only started my version last night and coloured pencils take a long time so mine won't be finished until the weekend.

Thank you Margaret. I finally feel like its all starting to click with the watercolours now. The mixing, the light and shade. How to make the paints lighter and darker. Im so much happier with this than anything before. Im not just doing a wash im actually painting 😂. I think i will frame this one. I cant wait to see yours, you must have such patience to do pencils, do you use baby oil for blending?

This is lovely Jen, you have caught the colours and the way the light shines through so well, your watercolours are coming along beautifully, keep up the good work, Linda 😀

This is terrific Jen! Love the format, lovely application of paint and lively pen work.

Thank you Linda and Fiona. I really think all the help, advice, inspiration and practice is finally starting to pay off. By no means is it perfect but its better than where i started. I just love all you guys and all your help and advice on the forums, and support here. Im really growing and i can see it myself now. 😊

What a little jewel this i! Super colours and the format is spot on!

lovely ! this would look nice as a card

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour paint and micron pen on mixed media paper. I think im finally getting the hang of the light and dark and how it works in watercolour. Practice practice practice!

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