Hilda on hair day


I’m loving these

Terrific Jenny! I’m really enjoying you moo coo series.

Another lovely fun moo cow!

Love all these cow portraits. They are so jolly and have such interesting personalities Jennifer.

Thank you all, I'm glad you can see the personalities in them, that's what I was hoping for. I feel when I give them a little personality I connect with them better and can do them a justice that way. Is that daft?

A lovely series. This one really does look like someone's gossipy aunt! You've captured her personality in spades.

Thank you so much Seok. So happy you see it x

Hang on Studio Wall

Meet.... "Hilda on hair day" Hilda is a skinny old cow, that's into everyones business, if fields had curtain's her's would be the first to twitch. Shes a right old gossip. Acrylic on canvas board 10"×12"

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Art mad, crazy dog lady, from Manchester UK. Instagram.com/jenedwards_art for my Instagram if you want to follow me, as I post far more content on there.

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