King of the city rats

King of the city rats

You have got the colour spot on Jen.

Thank you sylvia. Depending on the light they can be all sorts if pinky purple and green, then they have a lot of blue and brown in their feathers too. I was shocked when I really looked. They arnt just grey lol.

Love your three pen and wash, Jennifer, great colours and humorous.

I love pigeons, me! Actually, I do, I love to hear them cooing in the morning.

Thank you Annick, I'm glad you found the humour in them, that's what I was hoping for. Aww Marjorie, we dont have many of these type of pigeons where we live, you actually do have to go into the city centre for them ha ha, we have the posh wood ones. They do have a lovely coo. I have just given myself an idea, The out of towners 😂😂😂

Love these colorful pigeons, great attitudes too!

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour pen and wash on mixed media.

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