Shhhhh it's a secret.

Shhhhh it's a secret.

Lovely painting Jen, well done.

I love the way you have captured these two foxes Jen, beautifully drawn. 😀

Well done, Jen. I've been following this on the forum. Good work.

This is great, Jennifer. I also followed it on the Forum. I think he is telling her: 'You are so cute' and he is right!

This has turned out really well Jen. All the little squiggly strokes and the colour "dropped in" make it all the more interesting.

Thank you all your support and words of encouragement are lovely 😘❤. I really enjoyed doing this and i have to thank lewis as It was he who inspired me to get my bottom in gear and do a bit. It did take me a week to complete from start to finish, but that's way better than doing nothing. Now what to do next?

This is just delightful Jen. These foxes are obviously sharing a special moment, perhaps he's telling her she is cute or perhaps he's warning her where there might be danger! And I love the title. I've been following this on the Forum, well done for completing it given the circumstances.

Thank you Sandra. It felt like it went on for ages but I think it was worth it in the end just to do a bit. I'm actually looking forward to doing a bit more now.

Well worth the effort you put in, Jen. The expression on their faces are wonderful.

Posted by C Jones on Sun 21 Oct 06:11:47

Lovely style Jennifer 👍🏻

I’ve been following this on the forum, Jen. It’s turned out fabulous.

Jen, this looks so lovely, I'm glad you managed to finish it. They do look as if they are talking to each other!

Thank you all for the comments. It's been really lovely of you all, for your support and encouragement, on here and the forum.

This is gorgeous Jen, beautifully painted and I love the subject. I hope you have entered it for the Xmas card comp.

Thank you Fiona, yes I have entered this one. Fingers crossed x

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Mixed media, watercolour, micron pen, salt and liquid pearls. 2 little foxes hiding from the snow under a berry bush sharing a secret, what do you think it could be?

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