Giraffe at blackpool zoo

Giraffe at blackpool zoo

A lovely thoughtful thing to do Jen and she is going to be thrilled with’s super! Let us know her reaction.

Love the colours and expression on the giraffe's face!

Gosh Jen, you are so thoughtful, she's going to love this! I think she's a lady giraffe, she looks so pretty, I love it!

Aww thank you everyone for the kind comments. My friends have gone mad for her all wanting one too. I have tested having a print made as i dont think i can recreate her as she is. Fingers crossed it works because thats christmas sorted 😂😂

What a beautiful thing to do, just love your rendering of such a beautiful animal. Great palette...she looks as if she's winking!

I love your giraffe Jen, I like the colours you have used, they are beautiful 😀

Thank you Thalia and Linda. She does look like shes winking, i think she was eating?. I just can't seem to do things in their normal colours, its like i see them differently, the normal colours just dont work for me does that make sense? Ohh guess what? I discovered today that yesterday when i painted her it was national giraffe day! Ha ha what was the odds of that.

lovely painting

What a kind though Jennifer. He's a real cutie. I am sure she will love it.

This is lovely! and a lovely idea too.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour paint and micron pen on mixed media paper A4 size. I went on a school trip yesterday to help out, and one of the lovely teachers who had looked forward to seeing the giraffes all day, had to take a chuld on an emergency trip to the loo and missed seeing them. So tonight i painted her one to keep. Hope she likes it.

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