Troon Trees

Troon Trees

Brilliant first attempt , lovely, lovely picture I do like all the textural quality it has.

Wow! Love the way you have used the crayons/colour/texture. The colour of the sky is wonderful. Well done! Which crayons and paper did you use, and what size is it, please?

Do you mean watercolour crayons or pencils? I love this; the depth of colour is amazing and the texture is wonderful. How did you manage that texture in the grass? It looks like dry brush work in reverse wit the paint settling in the hollows of the paper> Is the paper rough or NOT?

Personally I love the foreground and the light of the cottage through the trees. Wonderful - keep it up.

The sky looks to forbiding to me......only my opinion........the foreground is brilliant.

Fantastic painting, love those deep tones.

This is a fine picture for a new medium! I would love to know what brand of water colour crayon you used. I am trying to find some I like and find they vary a lot. They are so convenient for carrying around but only if one gets on with them. Did you wet the paper first?

Thanks for all your lovely comments. I've amended the description under the picture to answer some of your questions. Apologies for calling them crayons when they're pencils - mental block!!

Hi Selina. Yes I did wet the paper first and I used a very heavy paper. Sorry, can't remember the type exactly. Here's the ISBN if you want to get some of these pencils- 5 028252 187046 Watch out, these colours are very vibrant!!

I have read quite a bit about the inktense and wondered what they are like to use. Your painting is a brilliant advert for them. Glad you gave us some extra info. What about the foreground grasses? That would interest me, too.

This is a lovely piece of work. I sometimes use inktense pencils in my sketchbook. I really like them.

For the foreground grasses I achieved a dry brush look by using a dry pencil on it's side which just picked up on the texture of the rough watercolour paper.

Hi Judith. Thanks for your comments. I did the soft foreground grasses by scraping into the wet background. Then I drew with a dry pencil onto the still moist ground. Hope this helps.

Hang on Studio Wall

My first attempt with watercolour crayons. I really like them - they're so versatile! Sorry this was painted with vibrant watersoluble ink pencils called Derwent Inktense.

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