A Clamour of Rooks

A Clamour of Rooks

That's absolutely brilliant! What a character.

Agree with Lewis, it is brilliant. I certainly wouldn't want to get in beak range of the big fellow!

Thank you for your comments they give me encouragement. I paint because apart from reading it’s the best way I find of relaxing, it’s so absorbing but getting any positive feedback is always so nice.

I love him he has bags of character. At first I thought he could be the villain in a children’s story, but despite the frightening beak his eyes are kind, so maybe not the villain..... ha ha!

Brilliant Janet! I think you must have a deep understanding for animals and birds, you do them so well.

This is my favourite of your rook paintings Janet, great!

A great observation of these birds well done 😃

They're among my favourite birds, although they do have a nasty habit of ganging up on smaller birds sometimes - more so than their crow and jackdaw cousins. But I still like them - raggedy, quite sinister, and crafty: they allowed a cat to climb a tree towards their nests, affecting sublime indifference until the cat had got very high up - then they mobbed him. Piteous squeals from cat, who as I remember had to be rescued by the fire brigade. Served him right, I thought... You've got that coldly considering look in your prime character here. You wouldn't want your fate lying in his beak ....

Another great painting, love the close up and the beak colours,Janet.

Love the rooks and how well you have caught the inquisitive look.

Lovely composition and so much character in his face.

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