This is my Fence

This is my Fence

Scwabbling crows! He's really telling the other off. Good surround too.

Oh dear! He means business Janet. Lovely rolling landscape.

What a great painting Janet.

I like the spontaneous marks in this. Nice composition.

Posted on Sat 03 Feb 13:16:30

Love the posturing Janet. Have you heard the Scottish rhyme called, ‘Three Craws Sat Upon A Waw’? ( three crows sat upon a wall) This is the first verse.... Three craws sat upon a waw, Sat upon a waw, sat upon a waw, Three craws sat upon a waw, On a cauld and frosty mornin. Your painting reminds me of the song. There’s another poem about crows, I think it called ‘Twa Corbies’ (Two Crows) it’s a bit macabre.

I like it ,love the two bickering crows,Janet.

Very lively bird painting, love the way the birds are depicted. Great title.

Thank you very much for the comments it cheers me up. Love he crow poem.

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