Weymouth prom

Weymouth prom

Hi Jason. My first impression is that it looks unfinished. If you were originally planning to leave spaces unpainted (which I like to see) you might have chosen different areas to leave as white paper and included slightly darker tones to help pick out the white areas. I also keep looking for shadows. The light is strong and from the right, so I think the posts and railings would throw a shadow over the deckchairs. If you did leave areas of the deckchairs unpainted throwing a shadow across them would give them shape. These are just well intended observations which I hope are useful.

Hi Paul, thank you for your response. you are correct with the light coming from the right and there is a lot more shadow cast from the railings which are not in the picture thus far. I agree with your first impression the composition does look unfinished as is, and i too am not adverse to seeing spaces unpainted, but not intending that here ,just a couple of people liked as is. I will continue to procede.

Just wanted to say I love the composition - it is so unusual. I agree with your friends that some areas could be left unpainted, but as a highly unqualified person in this sort of thing I would like to see a little more detail to balance the picture. Look forward to seeing the end result if you do decide to continue.

I agree with everything Paul said. I really love the railings and I think you will have to be careful with any shadows as you already have some very strong darks under that one deckchair. If you make all the shadows that dark you could detract from the lovely composition.

Don't touch it!!! Please don't - it is utterly perfect as it is. To hell with where the shadows should be and whether this or that is right - somehow you have stopped just at the crucial moment which is a skill in itself (don't I know it!). One more brush-stroke could ruin its pristine perfectness. To me this totally describes the glare of the sun at the seaside and that's the feeling I get strongly from the painting and if that was your aim - then you nailed it.

In this instance I totally agree with Thea, don't touch is, just love it as it is.

Hang on Studio Wall

Partly finished watercolour on thick hayseed mountboard, only posting this because a few of my peers like the picture as is unfinished.... i.e not all of the deckchairs are finished in the foreground and in the middle of the picture. Some honest feedback would be appreciated.

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