July heat Mottisfont Hants

July heat Mottisfont Hants

Like this, and presume there have been no comments so far because everyone's away, out on the beach, or lying, groaning, in a darkened room with cold compresses pressed to the forehead. Nothing like the same or even similar, is it, painting in acrylic after being used to oil? You're working at speed (not that there's anything wrong with that if you can keep up the level of energy required) probably because you're using oil painting techniques and the paint is drying on you however quickly you apply it. I can only work in short bursts because of physical limitations, so that wouldn't be any good for me - while I could work in interactive acrylics, obviating the problem, I've found you can work in a multiplicity of layers in acrylic, glazing and scumbling away to your heart's content (I've also found that blending is nowhere near the problem in acrylics that some insist it is). Maybe try that approach - although not because there's anything wrong with the one you've chosen, it's just another way of doing things. I like the composition, directional lines, contre-jour, and freshness in this - rather a lot, actually!

Lively painting , James- I like it. I can't get on with acrylics, just prefer oils to paint with as I like to blend a lot. However, sometimes one hit works really well as it does here.

Thank you for your encouragement and advice, Robert. Also, Pat, thank you for your appreciative remarks

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on gessoed mountboard: I'm still adjusting to acrylics after years of oil painting; it certainly compels one t work at speed!

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