care home resident

care home resident

Rest assured James that not all homes a like that. My mum has recently moved into a lovely care home. I also help at another local care home where I help with a Tai Chi class - it isn't all mindless TV.

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ink drawing with watercolour on mountboard. I'm a regular vistor at a care home: sometime ago I drew this lady; I've never seen her "awake". A few days ago in the room next to the one I was visiting was a bedridden lady. semi-conscious. American "X-factor" was being blasted at her from tv in the corner. Where's the dignity and the respect? This is a sort of cathartic expression of my sense of outrage. Sorry about the rant!

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james hair

I'm an amateur artist. not entirely self-taught as I attended portrait classes for some years. There I learned how to look carefully. There's not much opportunity for posed portraiture now, but as an avid observer and sketcher I try to capture moments, movements, postures , scenery, atmospheres…

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