gospel procession 2

gospel procession 2

I like this one James its immediate, I think Louise one line has worked for you and given this life well done.

This is fascinating James. It captures this familiar scene so well and the congregation has not been forgotten! I very much like the one line method.

Very good James. The one line method adds so much spontaneity and I agree, it's fun!

The one liners were very popular on the POL gallery a few months ago James and you can see why, this is a lovely expressive sketch.

Hang on Studio Wall

I was inspired by Lousie Naimian's recent artice "The One line Method" and used the fine liner drawing as a basis for attempting in in one line using sketch pen and then colured ink wash; it's fun!

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I'm an amateur artist. not entirely self-taught as I attended portrait classes for some years. There I learned how to look carefully. There's not much opportunity for posed portraiture now, but as an avid observer and sketcher I try to capture moments, movements, postures , scenery, atmospheres…

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