Wish I could do this it's beautiful .

Very clever... striking and original picture.

Beautiful piece Henry. It needs to be on a wall on display.

Good use of shadows Henry, imaginative piece.

Henry, that's a beautiful image that makes a story unfold in your mind. Love it

Your subjects and skills are fine Henry, but afraid I can't comment on your digital creations.

I like this.

Yes Henry very clever "bent " shadow and lovely colours. like it.

Very original and fun Henry! I wish I could do the cleaning like that.

Lovely painting Henry the iPad seems to suit you .Well done.

The shadows are very interesting Henry. A very nice composition all round .

Nice...can you put that one on canvas please?

Posted by T H on Sat 23 Jul 22:05:13

Many thanks Carole, Jan, John, Stephen, Bob, Derek, Tony, Michael, Syd, Satu, Dennis, Sarah and Timothy and all those who liked this piece. Much appreciated. Seriously John? I don't think it belongs on a wall. Appreciate that Derek. Not a problem. I can and will Timothy, if and when I revert to traditional media. I'm enjoying the iPad because it's truly portable and gives me the flexibility to work anywhere. I enjoy doing this and I'm only doing it for pleasure. The only downside is the lack of texture brushes so I have to create my own. I am working on that.

So you "painted" while she cleaned - sounds about right! Love the blues in the wall Henry.

Many thanks Adele. Much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

iPad. Thought I'd help my wife with the cleaning today.

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