Portrait 1

Portrait 1

Very good Henry, what programme or app are you will? I just got hold of procreate, and for the first time I am very impressed with such painting apps.

Wow that's cool , love the soft focus it a beauty Henry well done indeed , and well done with your iPad . I'm very interested in iPad I have never tried one , I'd be happy if you let me know how its going.

Many thanks John and Dennis. Much appreciated. I'm using Art Rage but I have set up my own set of custom brushes. Heather introduced me to Procreate but I haven't had time to get stuck into that. There's also Adobe software. My previous posting is not digital John. This is my first digital posting.

Hi again Henry I use paint on windows its crude but I use the pencil and the airbrush if I can't adjust the brush size I adjust the picture size . For more refined work I use adobe Photoshop

It may be crude but it works splendidly for you Dennis. You are very talented.

This is lovely Henry, thought it was an oil.

Looks like she knows everything))

Henry, this is really good - well done!

I'm very impressed Henry! This is a beauty, I like the style that you have created here.

Many thanks Stephen, Juris, Adele and Sarah. Much appreciated. True Juris, she does know everything. That's Mrs. Martin. and she's the boss.

I like this very much Henry it has a lovely soft feel to it .

Many thanks Gudrun and Dermot. Much appreciated.

You are clever this is brilliant.

Many thanks Carole. Much appreciated.

Love this, Henry, great composition and I especially like the soft focus and colours used.

Many thanks Jenny. Much appreciated.

This is excellent, Henry. There's a lot of atmosphere to the piece, and a sense of mystery about the portrait that's very intriguing.

Many thanks Seok. Much appreciated.

Very nicely done indeed Henry, really like the softness of the features.

Many thanks Fiona. Much appreciated.

Very beautiful Henry.

Many thanks Sylvia. Much appreciated.

I like this portrait, it's mysterious, intriguing ...

Many thanks Lucy. Much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

IPad. Hope you like it. The brushes take some getting used to and I'm trying to develop a style I can stick to.

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