The Sulk

The Sulk

William this is such a typical pose.It's lovely.

Posted by Joy Lee on Mon 22 Aug 12:26:57

You've captured her little "strop" perfectly. Delicate yet determined at the same time

Brilliant William --- the face is spot on--- --Sttopy kids.---Wonderful work ----- Keep getting back to us William we like to hear from you

This is beautiful William, I love the pose, you are very talented and creative

Perfect..could have been my little step daughter a few years ago!!! Happily she is much happier at 26.

Marvellous! Perfectly captured, I wonder what size it is?

It's beautiful, William and so characteristic of a small child when bedtime is mentioned. I can just imagine her saying `No!` - or perhaps more than that!

Wonderful face, expression and pose but that back view says so much more. Oh gosh I've seen that stance so many times.

Thank you all for your kind comments, it is quite small Lesley only 17cm tall, it was meant as a maquette for a larger statue but I never got around to doing it, the thing I like about sculpture is that you have to tell the story front .back and sides , I'm glad you liked the back view too Diana ,

Reminds me of my granddaughter, excellent!

Hang on Studio Wall

A small sculpture I did a few years ago,it was a memory of my daughter refusing to be sent to bed.

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