Not exactly sure how you've tweaked this William but it looks good! The horse looks to be more central as I think that you've added more dust on the left. You've erased the old version, so I can't compare the two! It's a very striking painting, full of action and movement!

Hi Louise , you are right the extra dust seems to help the composition a little, : ) I defined the rider a little , a little more light and shade, Is it just me who thinks a lot more artists are posting now ? an hour or so and you are on page 3 or 4 .: )

You're right William, there never seems to be a good time to post ! I'm on page one for ten minutes and next time I look, I'm gone, swept away! This wouldn't be so bad if only people would post one at a time as I realise I've said many, many times! If it's any consolation, I do skim over the multiples!

Hang on Studio Wall

50cm x 60cm box canvas, I have resubmitted this one after some reworking and defining ,

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