Oxford Circus

Oxford Circus

Hi guys this is a nice scene it reminds me a bit of my own paintings , it has a lovely wet feel to it . I notice in your list of artists you didn't mention Edward Seago maybe he is unknown in New Z ealand if so look him up he was one of the best in my view.

lovely, loose en plain air work Guy.

l like the way you have applied the paint to the figure also the touches of red and green are very effective. Lovely picture.

Thanks Dennis, Nice of you to say, yes I know Seago.... classy work.... loose moody tonal, lovely... Thanks again.

Very kind of you to say that Steven, it was a little stressful where I was... busy.<br />

Thank you so much for that lovely comment Margaret. Very kind.<br />

Beautiful lovely and loose

Very kind of you Ruthy...

Such a lovely combination of subtle detail and limpid looseness.

Thank you Shirley, everything was flooded continuously as I worked. It was hard to keep control at times... Thanks again.<br />

Shirley, thank you so much , a great comment.

Thank you so much Shirley... Things one would love to hear...

Had to get my umbrella to look at this one. Fabulous.

Thank you so much Janet.. a nice comment!

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