My Left Hand


Great hand drawing

Looks great, very difficult to do, I keep failing.

One of my favourite subjects, Gudrun and you did it perfectly!

You make a difficult subject so simplistic, Gudrun. Fabulous.

Wonderful range of tones and textures achieved with minimal lines - a hallmark of your lovely drawings. Super work, Gudrun!

The usual skillful drawing, I like it. I often use my left hand when making a more realistic makes most of my characters left-handed. I bet artists all over the world use their left hand as a model when needed.

Excellent study Gudrun.

You must be right handed Gudrun. Nicely observed.

Thank you Sylvia. This was enough of a challenge without swapping to non-dominant hand, although perhaps I should take that challenge one day ....

A good strong hand you have there!

Hands are so difficult I see you are right handed

Hang on Studio Wall

A5, archival ink. I hope to be able to do larger projects next week ....

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"The good painter has to paint two principal things, that is to say, man and the intention of his mind. The first is easy and the second difficult, because the latter has to be represented through gestures and movements of the limbs." (MK388) From: Leonardo da Vinci: The Graphic Work, p16, J…

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