Beautifully rendered stones, well done she should be very pleased. What's a solstice?

Very mysterious feeling ! great painting.

Hi Sheila...a well painted colourful happy painting of this site...well done I like it...and as the blonde joke goes...fancy them building it so near the road....

Very nice painting.

Thankyou for your comments. Robert - a 'solstice' is the time of the year when the sun reaches its highest point (midsummer, June 21st, longest day) and lowest point (midwinter, December 21st, shortest day) ib the sky at noon. Celebrated by Druids and other worshippers at Stonehenge especially, when I think they allow people to wander around the stones/gather together to see the dawn break (please someone,correct me if I'm wrong?!) My daughter didn't go there but it seemed an appropriate image to encapsulate her two special times. I called it 'engaged', she called it 'hand-fastening' which I think is a pagan ritual. Phil, loved the blonde joke!

I think paintings should have what this one has,drama,mystery and atmosphere. I like it a lot. The stones have a menacing quality to them, the cool colours you choose for them are spot on. I think the only thing you may have added would have been a few small boulders in the forground. Understated and the same colours they would marry up the top and bottom half of the painting, but i'm only nit picking..Its a great painting.

Very nice painting. I particularly like the low viewpoint which makes the stones more impressive> When you visit Stonehenge it's disappointingly small until you see it in the wider landscape. This painting gives it the importance it needs.

Love it great painting.Best regards Paul

beautiful painting

I thought it was only me that found this site as a menacing place...

Hi Sheila, a very atmospheric painting, very well done. A lovely wedding present, definitely not one to put away in the cupboard.

Hang on Studio Wall

Alkyd, Size 2ft x 1 ft (60 x 30 cm), Painted for my daughter's first wedding anniversary, she was engaged and married at the summer and winter solstice respectively.

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