Nguni Portrait '21

Nguni Portrait Low Res 270621-1

A very strong image. Love that blue sky we rarely see here in the U.K. Graham.

Super ... always love a good cow and this is a very good one!

He's lovely 😍

Fellow South African here! These nguni's are just marvellous aren't they? Job well done Graham!

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback - always very encouraging. Yes Willemien - they are special! More to follow!!

Hang on Studio Wall

These are our indigenous cows. They are extremely hardy and weather all the challenges Africa throws at them. Their hides are sought after 'floor-art-pieces'.

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Graham Edmunds

I am a South African born photographer in my early 60's. I still live between South Africa and Dorset. Just over two years ago I discovered the paintbrush and watercolours! The majority of my paintings are referenced off my own photographs - so those images are also available! I sell my art to…

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