Sketchbook entry

Sketchbook entry

Lovely mark making Georgina .

Very good. I hope to see it as a painting one day. The fence line really draws one into the darkness of the unseen interior. However logically one approaches a dark wood, there's always something 'other'about them, an otherness you have captured here. I wouldntnstop walking. , but I'd send my dog on first. D

A fine sketch, Georgina. You have the lights and darks well sorted.

Nice Sketch Georgina do you sketch before painting them or straight in with paint sometimes

This is lovely, wish my sketchbook looked half as good as this!

Hi Dennis, it depends on the scenario....sometimes its impractical to get my plein air oil kit out, so I just carry a soft backed sketchbook and a few pencils around with me all the time, just in case there is an interesting scene. With the oil paintings, unless I'm unsure of a composition (when I will sketch it out first) I tend to just dive right in with oils. I've been asked by Painters Online to do a little write up for April, so I've got to start piecing together 'how I do it' for others' interest.

Looking forward to seeing the painting

What a great sketch Georgina, it would make a terrific painting.

Super sketch Georgina, lots of possibilities. Looking forward to reading your piece in April.

Hang on Studio Wall

A drawing from my sketchbook this month, possibly to be worked up into a painting.

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I work fast and instinctively in oils, mostly from life or as a reaction to the landscape around me onto small canvas boards and then I often work these up into bigger paintings in my studios. I try to make every brush stroke matter so that I can be economical with detail, and I frequently rub areas…

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