Beautiful seascape Georgina.

This is lovely, I'm sure your clients will be delighted.

Well painted oil Georgina, great sky at the horizon line and some good painterly marks. Photo's, ah yes... a good subject which you have bought up on the forum, I will reply to that one later today. They certainly have their place, I am writing an e-newsletter WIP feature for Dawn on this very subject : that's out in May, you have to sign up to receive it (just in case you've not heard of it). 'Painting alla prima from photographs' is the title, my own take on this somewhat controversial subject. How did you get on with the NEAC competition?, the results were out last Tuesday.

This is gorgeous Georgina, wish I was there!

With Morte Point in the distance, I think. This is my favourite part, and just down the road is Woolacombe beach. A beautiful painting, Georgina.

It was a no Alan, but thank you for asking. I found out on Friday and have actually struggled with painting since. Its hard to take the knock backs sometimes.

Oh dear, I do know how you feel. Try and pull out of it and be even more determined to succeed, don't let it beat you, one day it will happen. It's not a reflection of your work, I can tell you that now - I do sometimes wonder what the hell they are looking for!

Thank you Alan, you are quite right, I mustn't let it beat me. I think I'll leave those things well alone for a while. Better to be happy and painting (ignorantly) away then be self doubting and stuck.

I love this

Hang on Studio Wall

Another part of that double commission from clients photos - another beach on the north Devon coast

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