MId Autumn Night's Dream

MId Autumn Night's Dream

Lovely story georgiana lovely painting and there's no wrong or right way if it works then it fine and this works well keep it up Georgiana

Clever, unusual and lovely.

Spectacular! I really like that.

Beautiful love the glow from the lanterns and reflection on water. A dream of a scene Georgiana.

Very fascinating painting, Georgiana.

A very beautiful atmosheric painting, Georgiana.

So romantic!

Hang on Studio Wall

It is Mid Autumn Festival in my homeland today. We would see the big round face of the moon tonight. The town will be glowing with the festive glitters of paper lanterns that would bring back the memory of the older romantic and relaxing days when electricity and other instant facilities are absent. This acrylic painting was erroneously painted on the wrong side of the canvas, but this has helped to achieve a dreamy atmosphere.

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Georgiana Chu

I love Nature and culture. Dancing and painting have occupied most of my leisure time in the past busier years. I particularly like belly dance and I am looking forward to see how my grand kids will react when they discovered their grand ma had been a belly dancer. However, I have decided it is now…

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