Stormy Seas

Stormy Seas

Lovely pastel painyting, very impressed you did this from imagination. Marvellous energy and sense of force of the waves. Well done!

Thanks Lesley, bit apprehensive about posting this with all the great pastel paintings on here. I wanted to try all the lovely blues I have just bought so just swiped them on and blended a bit. I appreciate your comment, thanks.

Wow! Carole, you should do more with pastels, such strength and passion.

Stunning, Carole! Great movement and atmosphere!.

Lovely pastel work. Jx

Thank you very much Pam, Geraldine and Jean.

Real feeling of fast moving water , well done.

Really nical Carole. Everyone hascommented on the sea but I think you have the rocks perfectly too, I can feel the texture of them. Keep going with the pastels!

I am so hopeless with pastel that I commend your early effort all the more..... I watched an Arnold Lowrey demo the other day, and think I begin to see where I've been going wrong. I like the sheer movement and bravura in this painting - you give the impression in your comments that you were very nervous about it, but that doesn't show in the vigour of your strokes.

This is a fantastic picture. I can hear the storm. Don't know if I thanked you for commenting on my last pic.? If I didn't thank you so much, it makes a difference when people take the time.

Love the way you use pastels, Carole. There is so much "energy" in the way you represented the water. Oh, and thank you for your comment on mine, thus I discovered your wonderful work in watercolour and pastel.

Thanks all for your kind comments.

Thanks so much, not a great one for pastel working.

Wow amazing energy here.

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My early trials using pastels. This one from my imagination.

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