Convolvulus & Blackberries 2

Convolvulus & Blackberries 2

A beautiful painting Carole, a real 3D effect. The colours are wonderfully vibrant. Did you use Inktense blocks, pencils or both?

Thanks Christine just the pencils this time. I do have the blocks too, sucker for these products. They are good aren't they.

Great image and technique, love it

Lovely as always Carole

A beautiful painting, the white flowers are brilliantly positioned amongst the lovely vibrant colours of the blackberry bush. Super!

beautiful painting carole, love the colours

Ah, the end to a perfect day - I get to enjoy a Carole Swingler painting! It's really, really lovely Carole! Love the colors and the composition - the juxtaposition of the large flowers against the backdrop of the small berries really create the right impact on the eye. Absolutely gorgeous!

really like the vibrant background, and square composition

Posted by K 0 on Sat 24 Sep 12:25:31

Excellent painting Carole, great composition, beautifully painted

Thanks all for your kind words and encouragement, greatly appreciated.

Wonderful, Carole. Superb complexity of design that doesn't appear as being fussy - a real skill to be able to pull that off. The glowing whites show off the other lovely colours to perfection. Super work.

A lovely sensitively drawn and painted picture, I could almost smell the blackberries and feel the silkyness of the bindweed petals.

A lovely sensitively drawn and painted picture, I could almost smell the blackberries and feel the silkyness of the bindweed petals.

This is lovely Carole I do love the way the background colours really show up the whiteness of the Columbine. You teach me some thing in every one of your paintings they are such a Joy to see (no pun intended).

Posted by Joy Lee on Sat 24 Sep 14:29:33

This is lovely Carole I do love the way the background colours really show up the whiteness of the Columbine. You teach me some thing in every one of your paintings they are such a Joy to see (no pun intended).

Posted by Joy Lee on Sat 24 Sep 14:29:34

I'm getting a bit jealous of your backgrounds Carole LOL STUNNING!!

I can ONLY say that I agree with everyone. This really sings out ! Such juicy colours..... it's wonderful.

This is a beautiful painting, the colours and composition are perfect, I love it.

What a delightful painting Carole! I love the way you let the colours run into each other but at the same time being able to control them.

Amazing and wonderful.

Thank you for all your lovely comments. Carole.

Sorry Carole - nearly missed this. wonderful work as always!

Excellent painting, Carole. Love the loose background and colours which really compliment the flowers and fruit. Really good design and composition to this as well.

Stunning painting Carole, beautiful colours.

Thanks so much Debs, Alan, Fiona and Stephen.

Nearly missed this Carole.It's becoming tricky to keep up with everything that is being posted.Anyway this is absolutely gorgeous

Hello Carole, I was wondering about your technique..... do you draw with your pencils and then wet with a brush or make washes and paint ? It's a question I put on the forum today. Sorry to bother but the result is superb!

Thanks Larry. Thanks Avril. With the inktense pencils I mostly sweep my wet brush over the pencil then apply to liven up the watercolour washes. I do sometimes apply a dark pencil then wet and blend to show shadow under a leaf. The colours are so bright and vibrant and don't look drab when they dry like some watercolour paints, so I find them really useful.

I've arrived a little late at the party....but, like everyone else, I like this very much.

Congratulations Carole on your top ten painting for September, absolutely deserved!

Thanks Paul. Lesley thanks for your kind words, it's lovely to to be picked out!! :o)

Many congratulations Carole for being in the top ten, this is a really beautiful painting

Huge, huge congratulations, Carole, in being selected for the September gallery and for the top ten! This is so very, very well deserved! Looking forward to more of your work!

Well done, Carole, for getting into the Top Ten this month. It is a super painting and I can see exactly why it gained this place.

Many congratulations Carole on your selection........most derserved. Well done!!

Thanks so much Petra, Seok, Thea, and Fiona.

Have just noticed that this is editor's choice, well deserved Carole !

Sorry for not posting a comment on this little gem earlier, Carole, but you know I was rather busy. I saw it now on the Top Ten of the Month and I am congratulating you for being chosen! You really and honestly deserve this! I admire all your works so very much and learned a lot just from browsing through your gallery!

More congrats for this painting being chosen for the front page of the gallery, too! It is lovely as I get the pleasure of seeing it every time I come onto the gallery - bet you are thrilled and rightly so. It is such a beautiful painting that it deserves all the recognition and praise it is getting.

Thanks Jenny. Thanks Mia, hope you have another great day at your exhibition. Thanks Thea your comments are always appreciated.

Beautiful work,Carole! Congrats on being featured on the front page!

Lovely,sensitive work!! Well done Carole!

Thanks Geraldine and Judith, very kind of you.

I'm so lald I didn't mis this one, Carole, it is so fresh and crisp! So well painted and great composition. Brilliant.

Sorry Carole....must read before I post!....should have read 'glad'! x

Thanks Patricia for your kind words.

Hi Carole, Beautiful work, Carole. Wonderful composition. It engages the viewer. Makes me think fall is here, and winter is just around the corner!

Thanks Shelley, your comment is so appreciated :-)

Well done, Carole, both for being in the Top Ten this month but also for getting 50!!! comments on this superb painting. It is an absolute gem and I can see why everyone wanted a closer look.

Oh thanks Thea, very kind of you to comment on this one. Please don't forget some of the comments are me saying thanks! Ha ha. I put this one in my yearly exhibition at the library, it would be very nice if it sells but I won't cry if it doesn't!! Thanks so much Thea.

Many congratulations for being in the Top Ten of October again with this stunning work and for all the comments you got! I certainly think it is well deserved. Good luck with the exhibition! Please do tell us all about it in your Blog (I did about my exhibition and I am in the Top Ten with my Blogs!)

How lovely to see this painting in the Top Ten again, it certainly deserves it... and all the comments :)

Thanks Mia, didn't realize it was in the 'top ten' again!, I should look at things more thoughly :) Thanks for the good wishes. I have to take some photos yet as I forgot my camera as usual, will try to post on blog. I enjoyed your photos on your exhibition.

Thanks so much Lesley. I must say congratulations on your three in the 'top ten' a great achievement!

Sorry Lesley!! You have FOUR paintings on the 'top ten' !! :-))

You are very kind Rebecca, thanks for taking the time to look in.

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