A massive rainbow waterfall as it thunders over the edge Carole, love the way it fades to the light blue and green giving distance, love it.

I totally agree with Malcolm. Lovely

Posted by Pod P on Tue 18 Jul 13:04:53

Very kind Malcolm and Pod.

Lovely textures, washes and palette, Carole. And loads of atmosphere, to boot!

Love the colours and textures in this, Carole. (Have you used granulation medium? I can never get that to work very well.)

As you know Carole I don't understand abstracts but I love the colours you have used.

Lovely abstract with good colours and textures, Carole.

Thank you very much everyone. It's nice to use strong colours and let them do whatever sometimes. Jenny I used it half way down but the top ran into rivulets on its own accord as the turquoise is fluid acrylic watered down.

A lovely and inspiring collection of colours Carole, great as an abstract but I can see a landscape amongst it all with a bit of help from my rigger.

Excellent use of colors here, Carole.

I love the strong colours in this, Carole. Beautiful.

I never understand Abstracts Carole, so I tend to go for the colours. Absolutely stunning - the colours zing and pop out.

What a terrific combination Carole....stunner!

Beautiful glowing colours.

Amazing Carole the touch of magic and mastery always

Looks like a stormy sky. I love that bit of crackled effect in the centre. Reminds me of lightning bolts. Colours work very well too.

Posted on Wed 19 Jul 10:24:28

Aww thanks Dennis and thanks Ibolya.

Hang on Studio Wall

Abstract, Zambezi came to mind. Watercolour and acrylic.

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