Wow you have been focusing on this Carole. Like out of one of those botanical books. Very well done.

Absolutely wonderful superb loos real your good Carole very good

Really love this Carole reminds me of when we used to grow them in our garden in West Africa ;-)

Ab Fab, Carole!!! Gorgeous! I love it. Nothing to say except, 'Excellent'! xx

Carole, you ought to be in the Society for Botanical Art with this quality of artwork. Wonderful!

This is one superior study Carole, it's like looking at a plate from one of the Victorian botanical encyclopedia's.

You can get these sometimes in nurseries but the pineapples are small. Donna I envy anyone who can grow these in their garden;) thanks for the wonderful comments. My patience doesn't run this style very often 🙄

Beautiful piece of work Carole.

sooo good.....nuf said!

Amazing painting Carole, your botanical work are simply stunning. I agree with Fiona.

You are all so kind I really appreciate your feedback.

A fine image, but if you did it from life, you ought to say so. That would increase everyone's appreciation of your skills.

I am speechless, Carole. Gorgeous painting. I wish I could do this!

so delicate, lovely

Fabulous piece Carole. What lovely detail.

I can feel the cerrated leaves. Fanatastic painting.

Thank you all very much appreciated. Yes Roger ok, the pineapple itself was from real fruit, the leaves inspired by a picture but formation/composition made up.

Excellent observation Carole, a wonderful botanical painting.

It's all been said! Stunning work, worthy of any museum collection ! Love it.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour, one I did earlier

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