A good one Carole. Pen and watercolour I find so very much appealing.

I am speechless, Carole! Wonderful and spontaneous. love it!

I like - spontaneous is the right word.

Gorgeous Carole, poppies are irresistible aren't they.

Lovely pen work Carole. Colours spot on.

Supeb Carole

Thank you all for your time to comment;)

beautifully drawn and painted Carole

Very pretty Carole. Poppies are so lovely to paint and draw aren't they?

So who's been a busy young lady! Very nice and very effective.

Thanks David and Louise, yes I love poppies. Thanks Adele, especially the 'young lady' bit ;))

The loose washes and pen work in these poppies Carole give me a feeling of them moving in the breeze. Beautiful work as always.

You call that quick, Carole, it would take me hours to do! Anyway quick or not it's gorgeous.

Fantastic pen work, Carole, and a beautiful palette . Altogether, a wonderful piece of work. Love it!

You have much talent, Carole.. this is beautiful!!

Hang on Studio Wall

Pen and wash quick one!

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