One Night Only

One Night Only

awesome detail

Posted by john hsu on Wed 08 Jun 12:06:24

As in title the flower dies after it has flowered for one night.

Love the colours.

Stunning work, Carole! You've captured the delicacy and ephemeral quality of the bloom beautifully.

lovely delicate watercolour Carole

Shame the flower doesn't last longer but at least you've recorded it for posterity in your beautiful painting.

Absolutely stunning Carole, and I don't say that lightly, you are a true master at this subject.


Wow. Of course I could also say exquisite as always!

Refreshingly clever.

Never tire of looking at your paintings Carole, keep them coming!

Breathtakingly stunning. Sublimely magnificent.

Well done Carole I love it when a cactus flowers mine never do beautiful

Perfectly captured Carole.

Beautiful work, Carole.

Love your shading....

Another lovely one Carole.

Stunning work, Carole. As for the cactus, mine had flowers last week. I moved it into the conservatory a few months ago and instead of usually 1, it had 6 flowers. The first day one flower, next day 3 and finally 6. I immediately took a picture because the next day, the first flower died, etc... :) Mia

You are lucky Mia. Mine had 4 buds but 2 dropped off . I felt lucky to have 2! I think the second one will flower tonight, I will be watching. :) thanks for your kind comment Mia.

Wow superb Carole

Amazing Carole, the blending on the petals is superb as is the overall detail, I use to have a couple of these many moons ago when I grew cacti, your botanicals are so brilliant.

Thanks Helen and Malcolm, very generous comments I appreciate them ;)

Very delicate and lovely Carole. Quite botanical too, with loads of detail. Your shading is marvellous and shows great form to the plant. You clever girl!!!! xx

You are very kind Jennifer thank you x

Beautiful work Carole. What a shame that the flower only lasts one night.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour of my cactus, I have two flowers on it this year.

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