Winter Light

Winter Light

fantastic work! I just love the drama. Im a big fan of expressive skies. you certainly have the ability to capure the unpredictability of a sky like this, well done.

Lovely work Florence, but you have posted same work twice you know, and it is easy for delete one of them, the thing is you push everyone else's work back a space, and it is hard enough to get work seen and maybe commented on by viewers without having complications like this or the new people who don't even know there is a limit on postings per day

@ Deborah: Thank you for your kind comment. @ Ros: Please check the facts before sending offensive comments! It was certainly not my intention to post it twice believe and I'm not sure how it happened!

Lovely sky and I like the white foam in the foreground.

This has real life and energy to it - great feeling of coldness too. Very attractive painting.

I have had similar problems,I posted a portrait and it showed up 4 times more??Certainly not my intention either Florence!

Love the light in this.

Hang on Studio Wall

Winter light Watercolour seascape 16 cm x 11 cm

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