Chancery House

Chancery House

I love this house, it's got such character - beautiful painting !

If you want your pictures to show the right way up so viewers don´t have to twist their necks, here´s how. iPads and phones are built to turn a picture depending on how you hold the gadget in your hand. In other words if it appears upside down or sideways after posting it should be deleted and uploaded again. You either need a photo editing APP for your iPad which allows you to turn the picture the right way up before uploading it to the gallery. Alternatively you can write down which way you held your iPad when you took a picture which arrived on the gallery the right way up. You would then be able to make sure you always took your photos from that same position.

Thank you Lucy for your lovely comment. Hope you didn’t have to strain your neck as Pat Harrison obviously did 😂. Thanks again. To Pat Harrison, thank you for your uninvited lecture. It is such a shame when others cannot find any encouraging words to say about a fellow artist, but would rather leave long arrogant messages. It would be kinder to not express your opinion at all or if you simply have to get your view across to send a private message. Thank goodness not many like you.

Well painted love the detail.

Hang on Studio Wall

Private commission of b&b in watercolour, detailed.

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As a professional artist I have acquired many art skills over the years which has led to my own unique style of work. I paint in oil, watercolour and acrylic with my style being precise and detailed, however, my aim is not to replicate the exact image of a photograph. I like to paint a variety of…

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