Absolute Complicity

Absolute Complicity

Well, it certainly brought out the imagination in you. It really is quite lovely. Beautiful colours and very tender. Well done. PS Love the hair

Hi Jeannette, Thank you for always taking the time to comment my work...well in fact, I feel something mystic about that painting, and I 'saw' the hair highlighted as such in my dream....that's why I woke up and worked on it, didn't want to lose the feeling....

Lovely picture. Love the colours and, as Jeannette says, love the hair.

Thank you Margaret....

Hi Ferret...I took a stroll through your elegant colourful & varied gallery I like what I see in it...I keep returning to this...I only just spotted the other face..the one word? captivating...

Elo Phil...when I get comments from other fellow painting friends it just encourages me to go on painting my feelings, my passions.... Thank you so much to keep me going on.... Lately, I have been much attracted towards painting using a lot of colours, nude etc... will be posting my new ones soon...

Hang on Studio Wall
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Done on canvas at 02am on Saturday 08th November 08... I have named it as such cause when I look at it, I feel that even while sleeping, the couple is connected....Would love to have your one word first impression

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