Watching over the world

Watching over the world

A thought provoking image, i like the way you have used the wood as texture, personally, I think maybe a little bit more of the torso might balance it up. But at the end of the day you are the artist and it is entirely your own creation. I especially like the title.

I think it probably says what you want it to say as it is, without adding detail; the strength of the image lies in the face and downward gaze. If I add that it will probably inspire those who are inclined to be inspired by religious imagery, you will perhaps understand that those of us who are in another camp are not likely to be affected by it - but there are plenty who will be.

Yes I like it and all for the right reasons.

A very effective image, quite comforting too. Great texture .

Hang on Studio Wall

I wanted to try the textured background on wood. It is not finished yet....don't know if there is anything to be added...may be I should let it to the eyes of the public to see and feel what this painting inspires them....

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