My wife's bust

My wife's bust

Hee here does she know? Seriously, very good Bob with limited palette the shadow gives depth.

There was a discussion on the Forum about the importance of titles's a good'un.

Thanks very much Carole and Marjorie. Happy you enjoyed the title. Couldn't call it anything else though, it was the first thing that popped into my head :-) Very much looking forward to getting back to the acrylics. I don't think I'm doing so well with the watercolour.

There is nothing wrong with this watercolour the title too!

Thanks for the vote of confidence Fiona. I think my problem is that watercolour relies on the drawing, and although it's getting better, it's not my strong point. I love the ambiguities of the English language ! This painting could just as easily have been of my wife being arrested or broken in two, or of her lumpy bits !! Don't tell her I said that !! :-))

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I started painting in September 2015 because I had some acrylic left over after a craft project. I am now an addict!! Not sure if what I am doing is good, bad or indifferent but Its all about the learning!! Thanks for looking

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