G for.......

G for.......

Why do you say that Bob? It looks good to me. The colours really harmonise.

I've just had a thought - you'd better hurry up - x for Xmas?

Does this set have Viridian and Alizarin Crimson as well as yellow ochre? I got a set of 5 Water based oils, with those colours in it and discovered that if you mix the 2 then you get black. But I agree the colour scheme works.

Thanks Marjorie! it's probably more to do with the execution rather than the palette. There are very obvious mistakes but I must admit I quite like the porthole and the strange box-like buildings! X for xmas? Great idea but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen ! It's a pity because I've no idea what to do with X Thank you very much too, Linda. Sadly, no, in answer to your question. This set has colours called "red" and "yellow". Thankfully I do have ultramarine. But it does come with gold shiny paint, which I used on the porthole 😊

Hey Bob not a lot wrong with this and don't be so critical of your self. I see a vast improvement. The trees are a bit uniform, the colours work well, good drawing especially the barge and you've achieved recession.

Thanks very much, Derek. Always a pleasure to hear from you. Yes, I'm really trying to work on my greens.

Hang on Studio Wall

Back to acrylics. I bought a set with very strange colours. This isn't so good, I'm afraid !

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