WIP portrait practice- Toni

WIP portrait practice- Toni

Looking good Bob, like the palette - at first I thought it was a modern Mona Lisa!

I know nothing of portrait painting Bob but to repeat Marjorie's comment, it's looking good to me. Good luck with the commission!

Great smile Bob, look forward to your progress.

yep, reckon will be good

Thanks very much, all ! Mona Lisa?? If only, Marjorie, eh !! :-) Sadly, Fiona, neither do I, but its not stopped me before. He He !! To be honest, the commission is a very long shot, given my painting experience, but as they say, nothing ventured.....! Thanks very much, Carole and Tony for your encouragement. All much appreciated !

Hang on Studio Wall

Dropped the alphabet challenge in prep for attempting a possible commission. Lots of maybe's but I've got to give it a go!!

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I started painting in September 2015 because I had some acrylic left over after a craft project. I am now an addict!! Not sure if what I am doing is good, bad or indifferent but Its all about the learning!! Thanks for looking

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